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Say a decade of the Rosary HERE for Alisha, Ava and family Thank you all so much!



How the Rosary was started in memory of Alisha and Ava Lucille


At Alisha’s funeral my aunt Peggy had many friends and family sign up to say decades of the rosary for our family.  Also, Holy Family grade school, where my children attend, started saying the rosary with the kids after the children mass and this has continued until this day. 

JCA high school and several area churches have said the rosary for our family. It was remarkable how many signed up.  Thank you so much.  I know in my heart that it helped get me out of bed.

I want to thank the women of St. Isaac Jogues in Hinsdale. They have made 1,050 corded purple rosaries (purple was Alisha’s favorite color) out of yarn.  We have distributed these rosaries to family, friends, people in Door County and strangers. 

How the corded rosaries got started in an incredible story.  It all started with a woman named Charmaine Crane who is my Aunt Peggy’s cousin.  Charmaine had a special way of making everyone feel as though they were her best friend because of how important she made you feel when you were with her!  She was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and given 4-6 months to live (but she lived on for five more years).  

Charmaine did not let her cancer slow her down!  Indeed, Charmaine took occasions such as being admitted to the hospital as joy as she embraced those who cared for her.  She even embraced her sufferings as an example of suffering like Jesus, so that we didn’t have to!  She offered up all of her sufferings for family and friends. 

Shortly after Charmaine was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, she showed up for Bible Study at a friend’s house with a DVD on how to make corded rosaries.  She passed out pieces of twine and popped in the DVD.  She said, “ I want to get 1,000 rosaries made  before I die.”  A rosary ministry started at St. Isaac Jogues. Women were coming from other Parishes to make rosaries.  Rosaries were being sent off from St. Isaac Jogues by the hundreds, to soldiers in Iraq, orphanages, seminarians, hospital mission trips, prisons, maternity wards and even CRHP retreats. 

Anyone who knew Charmaine knew that she made over 1,000 rosaries herself. She made corded rosaries nonstop, even when her fingers were dried and cracked.  At home there were rosaries draped over her furniture and when in the hospital, they were hanging from her IV poles!  She made rosaries while getting her chemotherapy and many other places such as at the airport. When someone asked what she was making, she explained the rosary with joy and love and then gave the rosary she had just made to that person.  To date, there have been over 35,000 rosaries sent out from St. Isaac Jogues. 

We ask you please sign up to say a decade of the rosary for Alsha, Ava and family.  The only one who understands the loss of a child is the blessed mother.  

Say a decade of the Rosary HERE for Alisha, Ava and family

Thank you all so much!