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Eulogy for Alisha Bromfield-Anicich by Sherry Anicich

My precious baby girl.  I should have known life wouldn’t be easy when you were born on August 28, 1990.  When the Plainfield tornadoes were touching down, I was giving birth to you.  Even though I was a single mother and scared, taking care of you and loving you was so easy.  You were like my little baby doll.  I used to put 10 outfits on you every day and take pictures of you.  You were my little buddy.  We did everything together.  For the first time in my life, I knew what unconditional love was.

You were such a fighter.  When you were about 1 week old, you contracted meningitis.  I was so scared I was going to lose you!  But you fought through the illness and I was able to bring you home after 3 weeks in the hospital.  That is when our life together began.

You were such a kind, compassionate, loving woman.  Your love for your brothers, sister and family was so evident.

We had so many firsts together.  When you were a baby, I remember doing everything together.    We were inseparable.  You were obsessed with music boxes.  I had so many people that helped to raise you … you had a big extended family!

As A Toddler:  I remember you loved Barney, Alice in Wonderland and Lion King.  I would often find you lying on the floor 2 inches from the tv, sucking your thumb. 

A Child:  You made friends so easily.  When you were 8 years old, Joe and I married … you were so happy!  A few years later, your brother was born.  That was an adjustment! 

A Teen:  You became … let’s say, a strong-willed woman.  You never followed the crowd… you were your own person.  This period of time was one of the most difficult because you lost your grandmother.  She was your everything and when she died, you were devastated.

A Young Woman: You were so happy to go to college and I was so proud of you.  It was so difficult for us to drop you off at college, but the joy in your face helped comfort me.  You were ready for independence and created a future for yourself.

When you told me you were pregnant, I was so scared for you because I knew how hard it was going to be for you.  But God spoke to me and told me that this was going to be the greatest blessing of your life and mine.  As I contemplate why God told me that, I am reminded of all the time you were spending at home, talking and laughing.  You seemed so happy about becoming a mother.  I was so proud of the way you ate well and went to bed early and the love you already had for Ava.  I asked God why he couldn’t have left me my grand-daughter so I could have a part of you.  You loved her so much and needed to have her with you.  There are no words to express how much I miss you and how much I will love you for the rest of my life.

Becoming A Mother:  This is where our relationship changed.  We were no longer mother-daughter, but friends. We were there for each other.  You were being so responsible, planning your future, budgeting … Alisha told me, “I can choose to be happy or I can choose to be upset.”  I chose to be happy.

I don’t know why your life was ended so tragically, but I will not stop fighting for you until justice is served on this evil man.  I do believe that out of every tragedy, every evil, God will shine through and show us love and peace.

My precious, rest in peace in God’s eternal love.  And one day, I know I will see your beautiful face again.

My precious grand-daughter, Ava Lucille.  I never got to meet you, but I will love you forever, too.  You had a mommy who loved you so much.  Take care of her.  Thank you for giving her so much happiness at the end of her life.  I know you are together and that gives me comfort.

Please pray for Alisha and Ava’s souls and that they are at peace.